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Toshiba Computer Services

Onsis offer support and repair to all Toshiba computers and Satalite laptops.
A great brand for design, power and features, Toshiba computers and laptops are a must-have choice for consumers.

We are familiar with both the software and hardware used by Toshiba and will be able to get your Toshiba computer or Satalite laptop back to full health quickly.

All for a fixed fee of £45

We charge a labour fee of £45 per call out and what's more, you only pay that if we successfully repair your computer.

To book a visit call us on:

0800 634 1466

Virus Removal : Toshiba computers

Do you suspect your computer is infected?

Having your Toshiba computer infected with a virus or malicious software can be a headache. Often your computer can end up barely usable. We have a 100% success rate when it comes to removing unwanted viruses and other software from Toshiba computers.

After every system clean we perform a free optimisation of your computer and leave you better secured against further attack.

Toshiba System Optimisation

Is your computer or laptop running slow or crashing?

Often a simple system tune up is enough to get your Toshiba computer back to normal speed. Failing that an affordable Memory Upgrade will solve the problem.

Why not give us a call and book a visit to see what we can do for you?
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